From discerning a vision, through support for making changes to structures and governance, to advice for starting new community initiatives, our resource toolkits and guidance can help churches develop plans for a sustainable future.

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Lightening the Load

Too many jobs for too few people? Lightening the Load will help you ease the burden.

Community projects

Starting a community project? The Crossing the Threshold resource will help you navigate managing it successfully.

Festival Churches

Considering applying for Festival Church status? Here you’ll find all the guidance and documents you will need.

Simplifying governance

Are your governance structures a help or a hindrance to mission? Here is guidance for simplifying governance in your church.

Consulting your community

How can you consult your community about your church? Our toolkits and guidance will help you hear their voice.

Setting up a Friends Group

Are you thinking about setting up a Friends Group? You’ll find guidance and advice here.

Working with the DAC

Do you need to apply for a faculty for your project or other building work? The Church Buildings team explain how working with the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches) will help you achieve your goals.

Grants and funding

Where can you access grants and funding for your project? We’ve gathered some of the most useful resources here, along with advice from the team at Church Grants.

Welcoming visitors

What do visitors and newcomers see when they come into your church? The Welcome Guide will help you look at your welcome with fresh eyes.

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