Lightening the Load

Lightening the Load is a set of resources to be used as a Mission Community, as you reflect on the joys and burdens of rural ministry, and consider how we might celebrate the former and lighten the latter.

(Lightening the Load has been updated and repackaged in 2022)

Using Lightening the Load

Lightening the Load is a toolkit of resources, not a course. You don’t need to do every session, and you can use the sessions in whatever order you like.


A brief introduction to the resource.


This session encourages celebration of our rural church life. You will be invited to reflect on what is life-giving about rural ministry.


The expectations which weigh heavy upon clergy and laity alike in rural Mission Communities are a reality we need to face. But are they necessary?


If traditional ways of structuring our church life are beginning to buckle at the knees, what alternatives are there?


We are familiar with talking about the vocation of individuals. But do we ever consider the vocation of the community of faith, or indeed of the church building?

2:44 game cards

This resource is designed for use with the Lightening the Load sessions, but can equally be used as an ice breaker for other settings.

The resource is based on Acts 2:44, in which we are told that all the believers shared everything between them.

We hope you find this resource stimulates discussion in your Mission Community. We may all experience the same challenges and burdens in rural ministry, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ set of answers.

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