Past Events

Recordings of all our past webinars and sessions are available to watch here, or on our Vimeo site.

Applying for a faculty

The Exeter Diocese Church Buildings team and DAC chair offer advice on how to put together and submit your faculty application.

Webinar recorded on 24th June 2021

Working with the DAC

The Church Buildings team share the work of the DAC and give advice about the best ways to work with them and involve them in your project.

Webinar recorded on 12th May 2021

Fundraising from trusts and foundations

The team from Church Grants share their experience of how to effectively raise funds from Trusts and Foundations.

Webinar recorded on 10th May 2021

Becoming a Festival Church

The Archdeacon of Exeter and the Growing the Rural Church team explain what it means to be a Festival Church.

Webinar recorded on 27th April 2021

Writing a Case for Support

The teams from Church Grants and Growing the Rural Church take you through writing a case for support for your church project.

Webinar recorded on 20th April 2021

Lightening the Load
an Introduction

This webinar explains why, when and how to use the Lightening the Load resource as a Mission Community.

Webinar recorded on 12th April 2021

Simplifying Governance

This webinar explains the range of governance options for church buildings from informal arrangements with ecumenical partners or neighbouring parishes to full pastoral re-organisation.

Webinar recorded on 31st March 2021

Resource Hub launch

Welcome to the launch of the GtRC Resource Hub

Webinar recorded on 8th March 2021

Planning a project and Raising funds

The team from Church Grants take you through the process of project planning, with particular focus on obtaining funding from external sources. Q&A with Church Grants and GtRC.

Webinar recorded on 4th March 2021

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