Working with the Diocesan Advisory Committee

Applying for a faculty to make changes to your church building can sometimes seem like a long and frustrating process. The guidance and webinars here will take you through the process step by step and explain how to work with the DAC to make the process straightforward and positive.

Working with the DAC

Beginning any project can often be overwhelming. Perhaps you don’t understand the faculty process and how to work with the DAC, and simply don’t know where to start.

If that’s your position and need some advice, encouragement and inspiration, watch the video below as Fr Nick Debney shares his experience of working with the DAC on a significant restoration project at St John’s Bovey Tracey.

See the Diocese of Exeter’s website for more information on the DAC.

Applying for a faculty

The majority of church buildings, their contents and grounds are protected by Faculty Jurisdiction. Under this legislation, any repair, alteration, extension, disposal or addition needs to receive approval via the official Church of England faculty application process.

Here is a link to the Online Faculty System.

Here is some guidance on how to use the Online Faculty System.

Some works may be undertaken without a faculty. Click the button on the right to determine if your works are exempt.

Writing a Faculty application

There are two documents that must be completed as part of a faculty application:

The Statement of Significance describes the history of your church and its setting within your parish, as well as what is most important and special about your particular church. It explains how your building is part of its setting and explains why certain things are significant in both/ either a local and/ or national context.

The Statement of Need should be objective and specific to your proposal for change, and is an opportunity for a PCC to explain what it is aiming to do and why. The DAC take into account both pastoral/missional needs and conservation principles when assessing faculty applications, so the Statement of Need is a key document in helping the DAC advisers to understand the need within your church for change.

Click the button on the right to find out more about both Statements.

Click this button for guidance on how to complete both Statements.

And to download a template of both Statements, click right.

Click here for all other information on church buildings in the Diocese of Exeter.

Past events

Recorded 24th June 2021
Applying for a faculty

The Church Buildings and Growing the Rural Church teams take you through the process of applying for a faculty. We show you how to find the information you need for statements of significance and need, and discuss some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Recorded 12th May 2021
Working with the DAC

The Church Buildings and Growing the Rural Church teams share the work of the DAC and give advice about the best ways to work with them and involve them in your project.

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